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Building a community of teamwork, friendship, and respect is a key element at Camp Jewell House. Students assist one another and staff by working together to form a team. Developing healthy social skills enables students to feel comfortable in any setting. Learning social skills and interaction in the community is a daily way of life. Involvement in the community teaches the importance of social interaction. Students participate in scheduled on and off campus activities.


Eligible students participate in off-campus activities such as movies, bowling, going out to dinner, local sporting events, supervised youth dances and events, and other fun and healthy local events such as fairs, community activities, etc. Students gain tremendous benefit from learning there is healthy ways to have fun and healthy friends to have fun with. competitors. Make your company stand out and show your visitors who you are.









  • GSNS (SB-10) Accepted 

  • Scholarships Available

  • Community Grants 



Music in education provides a great path for learning and social development among students.  It aids in recall and retention of learning material, and creativity, boosting overall achievement in math, reading and other courses.  

Field Trips


Field trips provide hands-on learning, connects students to the outside world, increases social interaction, eliminates classroom boredom, allows students to have different cultural experiences and more deeply connect with their own.  In fact, the U.S. Travel Association conducted a study that found youth who have taken educational trips, have better grades, higher graduation rates, and these trips have a greater impact on the careers as adults.  


Basketball Games

Our athletics teams travel and compete with other schools in our region. 

Performing Arts


Camp Jewell House believes that performing arts helps students develop interpersonal skills, cultivates confidence, creativity, the ability to problem solve, collaborate with others, as well as, learn how to receive and deliver constructive criticism with compassion and empathy.


Students learn the importance of focus, dedication, and commitment to tasks, as they are preparing for a performance and enduring through rehearsals.  They also reap the rewards of a job well done, once the performance is over.  

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