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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World


Camp Jewell House offers an extremely challenging, fully accredited and innovative academic curriculum and progressive academic credit recovery program for scholars. The academic mission of Camp Jewell House is to promote the academic development of its scholars by means of a challenging and varied course of study that prepares them to live as productive and well-adjusted members of society.


Academic Core Subjects: 


Social Studies




Physical Education




Elective Classes:




Physical Education

Vocational Studies

Video Production 


Students are tested in the basic areas of Reading, English, Writing, Math, Social Studies, and Science.  Opportunities for learning are utilized in every aspect of life at Camp Jewell House. Students participate in educational field trips to the wonderful sights around Georgia. Each field trip provides the students with learning experiences in Science, History, Nature, English Composition, and culture.

The GSNS (SB10 scholarship) is accepted at Camp Jewell House. We are  & Title I School, where students receive additional tutoring during school hours in reading and math. 


Camp Jewell House (CJH) features a comprehensive integration of academics with the therapeutic and emotional growth components.

Comparable emphasis is placed on a student's personal development alongside their academic growth. And as a small, nurturing community featuring a structured and safe daily life, the two are seamlessly connected. 

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